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A3 Tdi 110 performance upgrades?

nickobank Jan 5, 2007

  1. nickobank

    nickobank New Member

    Hi Guys,

    My first post so go a bit easy i f I do not make sense. My A3 Tdi(old shape) seems to be lagging in power really does not seem to have much torque in 3rd, 4th and 5th gears its ok but if im cruising along at 70 it takes for ever to get to 80. So I have booked it into audi to put on the dionostics. Would any body have a idea what could be the problem?

    Also I have been searching around but can not find the answer I am looking for. when I get the car sorted i have been looking

    at chips

    solware.co.uk(will not let me post links)

    or powerboxes


    to Improve the performance of the car. What are the pro's and con's, the chip is cheaper, I cant seem to see much difference in performance. What would be the best for my car I have done some research but still not sure what would be the best I no the powerbox is plug and play but will it damage my car as opposed to the chip

    Sorry if this is a long post. Thanks for your help


  2. golisago

    golisago Member

    I there Nick........don't like to slag anyone but taking her to the steelership isn't the best way to go , but having said that you could be lucky and they may report that you have either a bad maf sensor (air mass meter) or bad N75 valve......this valve controls the actuation of the turbo......if not they may tell you that you need a new turbo as they did with a good friend of mine some time ago.

    It turned out to be the for mentioned maf sensor , a good test here to do is to unplug the maf sensor and then go for a drive if its the same performace as when its actually connected the maf sensor is dead...and if its worse its ok and something else at fault........can i ask you does the car smoke quite badly at all!!?
  3. inigoj

    inigoj Member

    I had the same symptoms in my A4 110, boost trailing off over 80mph & up steep hills.

    I replaced the MAF and turbo N75, which did make a little improvement.

    I noticed that every time, after towing a heavy trailer for several hours, my car would be vastly more powerful for several weeks with no boost problems whatsoever.

    The engine being under heavy load was making the ECU advance the timing via the 'adaptation channel'.

    After checking with VAG-COM it turned out that my timing was off (much too retarded). I presume that this was reducing my fueling etc, and causing boost problems at high load in 3rd, 4th & 5th gears.

    After mechanically rotating the pump to reset the timing (not using vag-com!) my car is back on form, and all boost problems have vanished.

    Having said that, your problem is most likely your Bosch MAF.

    As stated above do not let AUDI try and sell you a new turbo, you are more likely to win the lottery than have damaged your turbo.

    A tuning box may slightly raise exhaust temp, but you would have to drive to the moon and back in second gear to damage or burn anything.
  4. golisago

    golisago Member

    Agreed ^^^ plus if in fact your smoking eccessively its very likely that you may have a boost leak in the very small vacuum lines that go to and from the n75 valve and vac pump / turbo etc......in older models its not worth trying to find a small slit etc just replace them all.

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