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A3 T Sport Faulty ECU

blackcat Nov 9, 2008

  1. blackcat

    blackcat New Member


    I have been having problems with my car for a couple of years now, it turns out that the ECU is faulty and it's throwing up all kinds of error codes which don't actually exist but it causes the car to lose all power.

    When it has been reset it is as good as new. I have been quoted £600 from Audi for a new ECU fitted, I can't afford this right now, have already spent over a grand trying to rectify this problem so am having to look at other alternatives.

    Please does anyone know where I could get the lead from to use Vag com on my car via my laptop and where I can download the software from ? Car is 1.8 t sport (2001), if I could reset it myself every time it happens it might be ok for a while longer.

    Any advice on this gratefully received as I know nothing about cars.

    Cheers, Claire
  2. benr

    benr Member

    hi, most people will will pop up and say buy the original cable which is around £260.

    However you obviously dont want to be paying out loads so you can get a £10 cable from ebay and use the 3.11 downloadable software from ross-tech website to clear your codes when you need to
  3. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Gendan Cable cost me £40 and the Vag.com SW cost me $99.00 (£50) from Rosstech
    You can buy a motec ECU for £400 inc programming or speack to a Tuner as they can provide the ECU mapped accordingly

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