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  1. StevenAFC

    StevenAFC Member


    My car was broken into a month or so back, which I told you guys about, and tonight our house was broken into, my car keys and car were stolen (along with my parents 42" TV and PS3).


    This is so inconvenient, 3 days before my birthday as well! Fuckers! I dont even want the car back now, after they have ragged it, and done who knows what.

    I won't get a courtesy car from the insurance, what do you guys think I should do? Hire? Would Audi hire me a car? Wheres the cheapest place to rent? Would Audi give me a break on the repayments?

    Anyway my thoughts are with you my sweet Adelaide!

  2. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    Don't know what to tell you really, but it could be worse (hard to believe at the moment I'm sure). Your insurance will cover you, and you'll hopefully get a nice payout.

    Where do you live, out of curiosity?
  3. katsumoto

    katsumoto Member

    Sorry to hear. Hope you get better luck with the insurance.
  4. Jo Sharp

    Jo Sharp Member

    get a Tracker fitted next time....
  5. consilio

    consilio Up the owls!

    Sorry mate, I feel for you.

    People have got to start putting their car keys in safe places overnight. Theives are opportunists. If they keys were not readily available, they wouldn't have bothered with the car, or the plasma TV. They would have nicked a few small items and moved on to the next easy target
  6. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Yeah nice one Jo. Great compassion shown there. I'm guessing you have tracker. You may be suprised to find that guys on here have found it to be not all it's cracked up to be.

    Anyway, sorry to hear the news Steve. Gutted for you. I don't have any experience with hire cars/insurance/audi finance etc. Hope you get sorted ASAP though.

    Try to have a happy birthday.
  7. markwiggy

    markwiggy Third Gear

    Why ?? What difference would it make, car would of been miles away before it was reported and activated. I would not want the car back anyway.

    Anyway, sorry about your misfortune matey, hope you get it sorted.

  8. Twizzler

    Twizzler Active Member

    I sympathise with Steven. It's a nice looking car he's lost. I think the best protection is to reduce the likelyhood of it being stolen. If it's not visible it's not noticeable. A garage is best, if not, around the back of the house or down the side behind 6 foot solid gates. If it has to be left at the front the risk is massively increased due to cruisers. The only protection then is something like foldable drive posts or a Tracker or a Blackjax. Whilst not giving absolute protection they may allow you to sleep better at night.
  9. Kev_M5KPL

    Kev_M5KPL Member

    sorry to hear that mate , Right shitter..

    Hope ya get sorted matey
  10. StevenAFC

    StevenAFC Member

    Thanks for the sympathy guys!

    Just had forensics round, dusting for prints, didnt find anything.

    Regarding the whole tracker thing, I'm sure they work, but I wouldnt want the car back after its been stolen, who knows what they have done to it!

    And besides maybe if I get my money back, my new car might have sat nav + MFSW! hehe thank god for GAP insurance!

    FYI I live in Surrey near Guildford.
  11. SteveTDCi

    SteveTDCi Active Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if they took the car as a means to transport the TV, the car may turn up. I think you have to wait someting like 5 weeks or maybe more before the insurance company will pay out. My bro had his Seat Arosa stolen and it was a pain. You are better off buying a £300 car off ebay with some rent and ticket on it, it will be cheaper than a hire car in the long run.
  12. TrickyLad

    TrickyLad is loving his new A3

    some trackers are actually really good.

    On the lamborghini gallardo you are provided with a car key and a car fob. The idea is that you have these two items seperated, so that if you get jacked or its stolen the person stealing it doesnt have the fob. If the engine is running and the car is more than 1-2 miles from the car fob the tracker kicks in and alerts the owner/police to the fact its been stolen and where it is to within a few centimetres.

    Trust me it works, found out last weekend when my dad went out in it without the fob and i took an interesting telephone call from the tracker company.

    The reason i say this is that lambo is owned by Audi, so i am sure there will be a similar, just as effective trackers that Audi could fit to the cars as an optional extra.

    I think its worth it, especially if your car is not garaged or hidden behind a fence, and you have put a lot of money into your spanking new A3
  13. PNH80

    PNH80 Low life livin' the high life.

    I feel for you mate, i'm sure we all do. Can't think how livid i'd be if it happened to me. I think most people on here consider their car their pride and joy...Hense the sometimes very heated debate!
    At the end of the day it's only nuts and bolts which can be easily replaced (easy for me to say). I admit, events like this do make me consider GAP insurance.
    To be honest it doesn't matter if you fit a tracker, immobiliser...whatever. Organised car theft will always find a way around it.
    One of the most common forms of non-opportunist, organised theft is to wait until the owner has left the house WITH the car, then break in and hunt for the spare set of keys. Returning back at night to simply drive away with the car.
    How many of us check every day where your spare keys are?...Something to think about!

    Good luck sorting it anyway. I'm sure your new motor will be every bit as nice.

  14. phantom

    phantom On Boost

    ^^^^I think GAP is a must at this price point.
    Spare key should be well hidden.

    As said mate ,if your not getting a loan car get a Cheap £ 500 run a bout to tide you over , as it will take weeks for a pay out!

    Has friends or family got a second/third car you can loan off them?

    Chin up mate.

  15. davemk

    davemk Active Member

    Why won't you get a courtesy car from the insurance company? I thought that was standard?
  16. Gti Jazz Blue

    Gti Jazz Blue Active Member VCDS Map User

    Safely locked away along with the spare house keys.

  17. PNH80

    PNH80 Low life livin' the high life.

    Wherabouts exactly?...:eyebrows:
  18. jamiekip

    jamiekip Guest

    Man that sucks!
    It's a fine balance nowadays isn't it.
    A car is immobile without the key, so in the quest to stop cars getting stolen we now have or homes at risk by people targeting a property for the keys to a car. It's a sad state of affairs.
    I personally don't lock my car keys away, in fact they are easy to find and nowhere near where I am sleeping.... I'd rather they took the car than put me or my lady in any harm. As much as I love my car - I love life better!

    I do have a Tracker (had one on the last car too) and the way I see it is that, in most cases if they get a car, they park it up and leave it for a few days to see if it is fitted with a tracker. At this stage the car was driven reasonably sensibly and could be returned in fine health. It also means, and this is what I've told my girlfriend, if you ever get car jacked, just give them the car and call tracker - it's never worth the risk! Don't get me wrong, I'd be livid and the car would probably never feel the same, but you can pretty much guarentee your address will be crossed off the list for future targetting - they won't risk it twice.

    If however, the car is tracked whilst they are in it, you can guarentee the car will be murdered to within an inch of it's life... and probably crashed to be frankly honest! BUT, the chances are, if it got to some sort of pursuit, the crims would be caught.... and let's say as a career criminal that prevents another 100 cars from getting stolen.... well one car dead 100 saved right... has to be a good thing???

    GAP is sensible (I have it too), but just having GAP and if the people that take your car aren't caught, by the law of averages, they know you will get another car and they may target you again. Sorry if that sounds like scare mongoring, it's not meant to, it's just my view on the situation.

    I'm starting to sounds like my dad.... god help me!

    Anyway, I hpe you get things sorted with as little hassle as possible.... such a sh1tter!
  19. StevenAFC

    StevenAFC Member


    Hey all,

    Just thought I'd post an update. Above is a picture of the car when it was first recovered, at the end of May. The insurance company has been doing fraud investigations since then, and it has taken them 2 months to decide we are not ripping them off. Like what exactly am I gaining anyway?

    Anyway they have decided to start repairing it, and the engineer is going in today or tomorrow to evaluate it.

    The black **** all over the car is finger printing dust.
  20. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    gutted for you mate
  21. magnus911

    magnus911 R8GGA

    so do you have to keep the car? Are you compensated for the loss in value? (stolen/recovered means it's worth about 50% of orignal value doesn't it?)

    How does GAP insurance play its part here?
  22. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    My mate had the same system on his RS4. That went missing and it was never seen again. Not even a peep out of the tracker.
  23. StevenAFC

    StevenAFC Member

    Well the engineer is going in to evaluate the damage and the cost. Its going to be high because I was ultra fussy with the guy, even though he kept saying "Looks like old damage" *****.
    • Pretty much all the wheels need to be refurbished
    • Rear Bumper
    • Real light clusters
    • Passenger wing mirror
    • Tailgate (AKA bootlid replaced)
    • Big dent on passenger side rear panel, behind passenger door.
    • Front bumper
    • Driver and Passenger seats
    I am sure there was probably more, so I guess they will look at the cost of all that stuff and weigh up writing it off or not, I hope they do in a way, because I have gap insurance and I think in the long term it will be the best option.

    Otherwise as you say my car value is going to plummet, and I am worried that when I take my car back to Audi at the end of the 3 years they are going to be like, "You owe us 5 grand+" because the value of the car.

    Guys any clue on the cost of all this? Or what will happen from here?
  24. jamiekip

    jamiekip Guest

    Man that sucks!
    If the figures looks high for the repair (and percevere on everything to be sure it gets out back to how it was originally!), I'd argue it's worth for repair.
    I'd enquire about the figure you would get on trade in with a dealer and base your argument around that. If you can demonstrate the value of the car will drop significantly it may again help your argument.

    Feel for you mate - I hope you get to the resolution you're happy with.

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