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a3 steering after bump???

rossjohn Sep 16, 2012

  1. rossjohn

    rossjohn New Member

    car is a3 tqs 2002

    it had a small bump on drivers side from door to wing and catching alloy(someone went down the side on it)

    so the steering has been dodgy since, its difficult turning to the right sort of dragging when on full lock, the rack was checked and was fine so i had track rod end, wishbone(bush came out egg shaped) and tyre changed with tracking and it made no difference.

    so i took it back for further checks and we found the strut was more or less touching the tyre i couldn't even get my finger between them and the other side was fine.

    so before i go splashing more cash i haven't got on random bits in the hope of a fix does anyone have ideas on what i could try first???

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