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A3 starting problem

Biggles44 Aug 24, 2013

  1. Biggles44

    Biggles44 Member

    Hi all, I recently bought a A3 2.0TDI 170bhp, s-line 2007 with 100,000 miles, privately.

    Had the car for two weeks now and love it to bits. The wife got in it earlier, put key in the ignition and went to turn it over and it wouldn't start. I went to try it and turned it over, first of al it seemed liked the battery was vey low, then it turned over fine but took a while to start. Turned it of and turned it over again, again it took a while to start but did. Seems strange as when its running its perfect.
    Been looking at forums and a lot are saying injector issues and about a recall. Looked in the service manual and under workshop remarks it says 23k1, is that a recall code, does it mean its been done or to be done ? Can not find anything to say its been done, can't ring audi to find out until Tuesday.

    any help or comments will be really appreciated


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