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A3 starting issues

JustCharlie Apr 24, 2009

  1. JustCharlie

    JustCharlie Member

    Hello fellas,

    Visiting from the 8P section, my other half has a 2002 A3 1.8 and its doin some odd things.
    We have for some time had an issue with the fuel gauge and temp gauge which I know is a fairly common dashboard issue but just recently when you turn the ignition on to the first click all the dashboard lights come on as usual but sort of flicker and you can hear a clicking like a relay is making and breaking contact and the engine won't turn over. If you turn the ignition on and of a few times eventually it will right itself and start up but this can take 5 minutes. It has cut out a few times when she has been driving, all the dashboard lights come on and it won't restart, then all of a sudden will start again.
    Another issue is sometimes when you lock the car and walk away a faint continuous beep can be heard like an alarm, but its not the alarm. Not sure this is related to the above issue.
    I've plugged a fault code reader in and no codes are stored.

    Anybody any ideas, any help really appreciated
    Its got to the stage where she justs wants rid of it:shrug:
  2. kaizokuninja

    kaizokuninja Member

    I know it may be a little off topic but i had this problem with an old mini... It ended up being a problem with both the positive connection on the battery and the negative connection on the battery..........ight be worth having a look over them and the other earths in your motor!! =)

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