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A3 Sportsback / SatNav /BOSE and now hands free kit

jjchomsky Mar 16, 2005

  1. jjchomsky

    jjchomsky New Member

    Hello all,
    My AUDI dealer has been trying to install the HCB-300 Hands free kit and they seem to be unable to get rid of the static produced by the unit. The informed me that this kit may be incopatible with the car!!

    Has anyone had similar problems????

    The story: /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumbsdown.gif
    I bought the unit from a dealer in the UK, and they could not fit it, due to some cables being glued by audi while they were trying to fit the CD changer. I gave the car back to AUDI after agreeing that they will fix the cabling and install the kit. To make the story short since this has been going on for about 3 months now, AUDI installed the unit, but had loads of static, also the kit was always on and drained my battery in 4 days while i was on a business trip.
    Help is much appreciated, since this is the most frustrting thing i have ever experienced.

    thank you

    AUDI A3 Sportback, SatNav+, BOSE, 2.0, Auto, CD Changer
  2. gizze

    gizze Member

    The parts for the Audi bluetooth kit are only about £150, there should also be a wire harness behind the glovebox where the box plugs in too.

    This will also give you caller id and access to your sim card all through the Nav+.
    I am in the process of working out everything that is needed, I have downloaded the ETKA (electronic parts catalogue) and can see all the parts but not sure if it is the bluetooth one as my ETKA is sept 2004, but it does have 2005 model cars on it.
  3. Glad to see you are still on the case Gizze!!

  4. scoulbeck

    scoulbeck New Member

    do you need to have the sat nav to install the audi bluetooth kit? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
  5. gizze

    gizze Member

    Bosster it is driving me nuts mate, I downloaded the ETKA and found teh section and printed out all the parts but it does not say whether it is bluetooth or not!!

    I could really do with someone who has a car with it fitted to give me the the last 6 digits of their vin, if it is anything like the BMW parts catalogue this will tell me what parts are already fitted for each section.

    coolio, no you don't need the nav I don't think, I would guess that it just says PHONE on your radio display when you get/make a call? or maybe the number comes up on screen?
  6. jungle

    jungle Member

    JJ you could always tell your dealer you want to go to a carphone installation specialist, and Audi have to foot the bill. I've got a normal Nokia handsfree kit kardwired through my stereo and it works fine.

    I had bluetooth in my BM - the phone just clipped in the armrest - and it was rubbish. Bad static, bad reception and people at the other end said it sounded terrible. Just warning in case the audi option is as bad.
  7. Rankrotten

    Rankrotten Member

    I've also been on the case and iafter a bit of digging it seems as if the Audi phone prep is supplied by Cullmann in Germany. We need the VC4 base unit with Bluetooth card. Any adapters and cradles are not needed unless you also want a hardwired solution to fall back onto.

    I emailed Cullmann who told ne their UK dealer is Selco Car Kits
    Unit 10,
    Bury Business Centre
    Kay Street, Bury
    Lancashire, BL9 6BU
    but they don't appear to have a website.
  8. Japper

    Japper Ibis S3 Fan Club

    Cheers rankrotten.

    It says on Cullman site that VC4 is due soon, so no info /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

    Does this 'base unit' fit out of site behind the stereo ?. Would you also need a microphone aswell.
  9. Rankrotten

    Rankrotten Member

    On the Cullmann site go to German then siteinfo, the VC4 is there but has not been translated into English yet.
  10. Good work Rankrotten (saw your post on the Sio board). Is it just a matter of plugging this unit in? My schoolboy German is not that great!!
  11. Rankrotten

    Rankrotten Member

    Now that is the $64k question.. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

    It is the same hardware as the factory prep kit which displays the phonebook and caller ID on the Sat-Nav monitor and DIS so if the car is already pre-wired it should plug right in. Gizze seems to think there may be a connector behind the glovebox but means removing it to investigate. If not perhaps that adapter from Kufatec does the job.

    If it works ok I'll place the unit out of sight somewhere. After all who wants a big clunky cradle bolted onto the dash when it can connect with bluetooth?
  12. gizze

    gizze Member

    I will remove the glovebox as soon as I get five minutes.
    I see Audi now offer to have the cradle mounted in the armrest too.
  13. Rankrotten

    Rankrotten Member

    As my RNS-E nav+ arrived without being recoded by the dealer to accept a telephone input I decided to sniff out the Vag-Com codes for myself and lo and behold what should we find:

    ** Radio/navigation system (Rns e) **

    Controller coding

    STG 56 (radio/navigation system) select
    STG coding - > function 07

    0?xxxxx : Vehicle

    1 - AUDI a2
    2 - AUDI A3 (8P)
    3 - AUDI A4 (starting from MY 2004)
    4 - AUDI A4 Cabriolet (starting from MY 2004)
    5 - AUDI A6 (to MY 2004)
    6 - AUDI TT (starting from MY 2004)

    0x?xxxx : Fault-tracing

    0 - Fault-tracing for front loudspeakers actively
    1 - Fault-tracing for front loudspeakers inactively

    0xx?xxx : Sound characteristic

    0 - linear sound characteristic
    1 - AUDI A4 (starting from MY 2004)
    2 - AUDI A6 (to MY 2004)
    3 - AUDI A4 Cabriolet (starting from MY 2004)
    4 - AUDI TT (starting from MY 2004)
    5 - AUDI A3 (8P)
    9 - Bose sound system

    0xxx?xx : Telephone/telematics

    1 - No telephone (supply voltage for microphone actively)
    2 - Handyvorbereitung (Temic - Speisesp. Microphone inactively)
    3 - Handyvorbereitung (Cullmann - Speisesp. Microphone inactively)
    4 - Handyvorbereitung (Nokia - Speisesp. Microphone inactively)
    5 - Telematics Europe (supply voltage microphone inactively)
    6 - Telematics US (supply voltage microphone inactively)

    0xxxx?x : Austattungsoptionen I

    1 - no additive zusatz-Tuner
    2 - Digital radio
    3 - Satellite radio
    4 - Satellite and digital radio block

    0xxxxx? : Austattungsoptionen II

    1 - no TV tV-Tuner, CD change-over switch or multi-function steering wheel
    2 - TV tV-Tuner available
    3 - CD change-over switch available
    4 - TV tV-Tuner and CD change-over switch available
    5 - Multi-function steering wheel available
    6 - TV tV-Tuner and multi-function steering wheel available
    7 - CD change-over switch and multi-function steering wheel available
    8 - TV tV-Tuner, CD change-over switch and multi-function steering wheel available

    Anyone see the interesting part? take a look in Telematics and you can see options for phone kits from Cullmann (factory fit), Temic (who they?) and NOKIA !!

    So if I recode the Nav with 0205415 I should get access to a nokia handsfree kit and use the steering wheel controls... maybe
  14. Rankrotten

    Rankrotten Member

    Took my car over to Terry at Sio Comms this morning and we had a good poke around the nav system with a view to installing a generic kit.


    Hmm, dont know whether to attempt a factory retrofit job or go with a simple Parrot / Nokia kit for now. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
  15. So does that mean if I get my Nokia kit installed (finally) and i get them to put the mute wire on the kit into pin 11 it will mute without any further mods? Good work by the way!!
  16. Rankrotten

    Rankrotten Member

    Yes, it should be ok

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