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A3 Sportsback 2.0TDI ESP/ABS module replacement guide

gunnag Oct 5, 2013

  1. gunnag

    gunnag New Member

    I own a 2007 A3 Sportsback 2.0 Tdi which has recently started displayng the car skidding symbol in the dash. Additionally, and 'ESP warning' appears on startup.

    I have scanned the fault using vdcs and it shows error G201 whcih IM led to believe is a common fault with the abs control module.

    I have seen exchange control modules for sale and now want to know how to remove the old module and fit the exchanged one.

    Somewhere I heard that access can be gained from inside the near side wheel arch. The n/s side wheel and inner mudguard must be removed. Anyone know if this is correct or know of a DIY guide on replacing the control module.

    Add info welcome.
  2. pablo

    pablo Active Member

    if you have FSH Audi might do it FOC.

    parts wise you can get a repair kit (half an ABS pump) with the sensor in it for £160ish from TPS. I have one waiting to go in my S3 when I get time.

    replacement looks easy, maybe pump is in a different location on the TDI but on my S3 its under the battery and is a case of remove brake pipes from pump, electric connector and pop out the pump. two bolts split it half then put the new half on (the repair piece). refit.

    then the tricky part. bleeding the brakes. you need vcds to get the pump bled. then bleed each corner as usual. Thats the bit Im not looking forward to. Seemingly putting a pole on the brake pedal makes this easier.

    more info here:

    How to repair ESP/ABS fault with VAG repair kit - Skoda Octavia II (2004 - 2013) - BRISKODA.net - The Skoda Forum and Community
  3. winrya

    winrya Member

    I had the g201 fault on a 2005 golf gti I'd had from new a couple of months back. After reading about how widespread the problem was and that it had been on watchdog, I approached my local VW dealer who knew all about it and repaired it for free. I'd give audi a try

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