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A3 sportback S-line upgrades...

maars May 25, 2007

  1. maars

    maars Full speed ahead

    A couple of questions for the A3 experts on possible upgrades:-

    * Can the Symphony2 cassette/6-disc in-dash CD head unit be swapped for a higher spec unit? If so what do people recommend (something with iPod connectivity would be great).
    * Is it possible to retro-fit the door blinds into the tops of the rear doors?
    * What are your thoughts on improving the headlight power. Are these 'xenon' bulbs any good?
  2. alanjonesbath

    alanjonesbath VAGOwners.co.uk

    The only head unit above the Symphony is the RNS-E sat nav, which loads of people highly recommend. The only way to get iPod connectivity though is to buy a kit, which will connect to your Symphony anyway ;)

    Anything is possible, though I doubt that is the easiest mod to do though, probably needs a new door card :(

    I've fitted the Philips X-treme bulbs to my dipped lights. They are definately a lot brighter than the standard bulbs, and a much nicer light too, but probably don't give you much extra range of visibility, its just brighter when you get to the end of their range ;) I'd highly recommend them.
  3. RobB

    RobB Member


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