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A3 Sportback: Online car brokers vs Audi

k.hemlin Jan 15, 2013

  1. k.hemlin

    k.hemlin New Member

    Hi all,

    I spent several weeks on Audi's online configurator and had researched prices across 5 or so car brokers. UKNewCars, who (like most brokers) deal direct with the manufacturer offered the best deal and beat Audi's configurator price by nearly £3000 and other brokers by at least £1000, so I started the process of buying through them. That was until I decided to visit the local Audi showroom (again!) last weekend when they'd told me that a Sportback was available to view. Having crawled all over the car (it was a LHD 1.8 TFSI Quattro [no Sportback Quattro for UK yet??], presumably from Germany) I sat down and asked for their best price on my spec (below).

    Unfortunately Audi's initial quote was nowhere near UKNewCar's price. That was until I spilled the beans and told them about the better quote. Guess what? Audi said they'd match it! So that was that and next thing, I ordered a new car. For me, the motto is, do your research, get the best price online, then go to Audi direct and cut the middle man (broker) out...you may be surprised! Another tip...keep schtumm regarding how you'll pay for the vehicle even if you have cash...if the dealer sniffs that some form of credit may be an option, they may be willing to reduce the price further since they make commission on the finance. Obviously, if you have a part-ex, then your negotiating power is reduced somewhat.

    Anyway, this is what I ordered (yes...I wanted the lowered suspension!)...any comments?

    AUDI A3 SPORTBACK 1.8 TFSI S Line 5dr S Tronic
    Misano Red
    Privacy glass
    Reversible boot mat
    S line sports suspension
    Reversing camera
    Electric adjustable/heated/folding door mirrors
    Bang Olufsen advanced sound system
    DAB Digital radio
    Black roof rails
    Panoramic glass sunroof
    Adaptive headlights with variable headlight range control
    Xenon plus with Adaptive lights
    Audi phone box
    Through load system
    Comfort pack - A3
    Interior light pack - A3 Hatchback/Sportback
    Non smoking pack - A3
    Rear side airbags
    Tyre pressure monitor
    Heated front seats
    Advanced key
    Fine Nappa leather - Black
    Audi parking system plus
    Technology Pack
    Driver assistance pack

    Pretty packed spec sheet I guess, but now I can't wait for late Apr/early May!!

  2. daveb99

    daveb99 Member

    Interesting....you've done well there.

    Great spec, I thought my spec was extensive - but you've ordered a couple more options than me. It will be a very nice car, no doubt about that.
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  3. k.hemlin

    k.hemlin New Member

    There is one BIG snag with my car order however...my wife's looking forward to the car as much as I am!

    What's the lead time for yours? I'm expecting about 12-14 weeks.
  4. Jeff777LUFC

    Jeff777LUFC Member

    :drool: Not sure but there may be an option available that you haven't included!!

    That sure is some list.

    Delivery-wise, I think you may be in for a bit of a wait, going by some of the posts on here. 12-14 weeks min I would have thought.

    We may need to set up some kind of support group!
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  5. daveb99

    daveb99 Member

    I've been told June for mine.....it was ordered back in early December. Not impressed!
  6. k.hemlin

    k.hemlin New Member

    Wow, 6 months! That's harsh. I was told late April, early May, but now I'm prepared for a longer wait. Still, it's nice to look forward to something...and the weather will hopefully have picked up by then! Jeff, that support group looks like a great idea! I'm in!
  7. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Sounds like you got a good deal. I used to do what you have done but I have now built up such a good relationship with a chap at my local dealers that I don't need to bother and always get an excellent deal from him. That's one advantage for going to a dealer, particularly if you intend to purchase more Audis. Also if you have actually purchased the car from them they are often much more willing to do small things on the car without charging.

    I purchased my first A3 from this guy in 1998 when he was just a fairly new salesman. He also happens to the the nephew of the two brothers who own the business. All my eight A3s have been purchased from him and he is now a Specialist Sales Manager dealing with the top of the range Audi A8 and R8 cars for the dealers top customers, although he has said he will always be happy to deal with me.

    My current A3 is not yet one year old, but when do decide to change I doubt if it will be for another A3 as I don't like the interior set up of the new A3. But he has said that as the Group have dealerships with all VAG manufacturers he would be quite happy to do a deal with me on a Golf VII or Skoda Octavia if I would like one of those in place of the A3.
  8. k.hemlin

    k.hemlin New Member

    Dave, my dream car is the R8, so hopefully that will be my next! Looks like you've seen enough A3s after 8 of them! That said, most of the reviews I've read put the new A3 above the Golf - including the interior (the Octavia is in a different classification, so I'm not so savvy with it although I have read good reviews in the past). Good luck with your new car whatever it is, but you're right, the relationship with the dealer is key...looks like you've got that one sewn up! I was starting afresh this time.

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