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A3 sportback/jerkback/toolateback

fabeaton Jul 22, 2004

  1. fabeaton

    fabeaton New Member

    audi must think our heads zip up the back if they think that the new sportback is going to turn heads the toyota T3 and the alfha which /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/snore.gif have been on the go for ages.
    Audi have a lot to learn regarding badge snobbery and only have to look at B.M.W. to learn that if the product is not value for money then the public will not buy it AT ANY PRICE. THE A3 SPORTBACK is not worth the money above the afore mentioned cars and anyone who buys one over the hatchback 3 door must have money to burn it looks [censored] for an Audi. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/snore.gif
  2. garethj

    garethj Member

    The looks I can take or leave but I think the value for money comment is a little misguided.

    When compared to the new Golf V it is not that much more expensive. Where it will justify the cost is in the depreciation stakes;

    Golf V high volume mass market car sheer numbers will guarantee higher depreciation

    Toyota good cars but they do depreciate quite quickly,

    Alfa's depreciate at a frightening rate.

    A3's tend to depreciate slowly as they are sold in relatively low volumes and are perceived as very desirable.
  3. gizze

    gizze Member

    The sportback is £500 more then the 3 door, and the residuals will be higher as it is a car that will appeal to a broader market. And the cost of ownership over 2 or 3 years will be considerably less than a Alfa, especially if one buys the TDI.
    My mate bought a 147 2.0T with loads of toys on it for £10,200, it was 10 months old and 4,000 miles on it, the guy bought it new for nearly double that!

    How can you campare the Toyota T3 with the sportback?? Look at it! even my grandad said he may get one when he is older.


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