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A3 Sportback 20TDI Quattro - Day one review

Simonbt Apr 9, 2014

  1. Simonbt

    Simonbt New Member

    Hi All!

    I collected my A3 today and thought I would answer all the questions that I had initially and couldn't find out for myself by searching intermingled with a few photos!

    Audi A3 (8V) S-line
    2.0 TDI Quattro (184PS)
    S-Tronic Gearbox
    Phantom Black
    Privacy Glass
    Comfort Pack (Standard cruise control and acoustic rear parking sensors)
    Electric folding mirrors
    SD card SatNav


    The dealer I went to was good, Leeds Bradford. Got my car all covered, and ready for the reveal. Made the experience pretty good if I'm honest. I specifically asked to switch out the blue AMI cable for the red version as I have heard this gets you the album art through the iPod/iPhone connection. They seemed pretty happy to do this for me. Also gave me a first-aid kit, cargo net and litre of oil which I suspect is pretty standard stuff.

    The Engine
    My previous car was a 1.9TDI 8P Sportback so this engine is a phenomenal difference to that one. All I can say is it put a big smile on the SO's face! Very smooth power delivery, eats up the motorways. I've driven about 80 miles today, mostly on motorways and a bit of a blast around some bendys. Averaged 44.5 MPG, which I'm actually pretty happy with, as it beds in I'm expecting this to improve.

    The S-tronic Gearbox
    Very impressed. This is the first automatic I've owned, and so far I cannot complain. I'm yet to get used to the kick down and change downs when coming to a stop slowly, but I cant see that I'll have those issues for long. It creeps in both first and reverse which I wasn't sure would happen, so pretty pleased about that one. The auto stop-start is slightly unnerving sometimes as I'm not entirely sure just when its going to happen, but I'll work it out (or switch it off!)

    Full instructions on the launch control are in the manual, but I will not be trying that until its got at least a few thousand miles on it!

    Suspension and Handling
    Suspension is the Sport type, copes with the rough roads round here just as well as the 8P if not better. The S-Line may well have been a bit too harsh for my country roads.

    Turn-in is brilliant, solid handling but haven't really driven it enough to have a useful opinion on this.

    What can I say except typical Audi. Nothing wrong in there.

    Lights are brilliant, very bright. Mirrors are all a little small when compared to the 8P but not at all restrictive.

    There are two SD card slots, one is taken up with the SatNav card, the other is free. I've put a handful of songs onto a card and seems to work faultlessly. I've not been able to test the AMI cable yet as the iPod Classic and iPod Nano both report back as incompatible. Possibly I'm doing something wrong, work in progress!

    Very pleased with the SD card sat-nav, seems to work well although I do live near a newly moved road (moved about 20meters to one side) and the sat-nav gets a bit confused that I'm off-road. Not a problem but could get annoying I expect!

    I've not tried the CD yet, I'm guessing its a multi changer but that's yet to be discovered.

    Generally, I'm loving the car - Fantastic bit of kit! Here's some photo's for your pleasure.




  2. Joetidman

    Joetidman Well-Known Member

    Lovely looking motor, good write up :icon_thumright:
  3. andy203

    andy203 181 BHP

    Very clean, good looking motor, they missed the water drops/marks below the Quattro badge!!!!! Another 181 BHP A3 on the road, hope the wait has been worth it. It certainly was for me.
  4. Blu-iTT

    Blu-iTT Member

    Ditto - car looking great. I had the same problem with the red AMI cable and my ipod classic and nano, so my dealer gave me the blue AMI cable which works fine, no album art though.
  5. Simonbt

    Simonbt New Member

    Yep, its everything I had imagined it would be ;)

    That will explain it then, any idea's what is compatible with the red cable? Both the iPods are my SO's so I need to get something else myself longterm anyway.

    Just as a quick follow on from the original post. Drive to work this morning, ~50 motorway miles and ~6 town miles getting me an average 50.1mpg. Wasn't specifically trying, with engine in efficient mode for the majority of the motorway miles then into auto for the rest.
  6. PilotAudi

    PilotAudi New Member

    Great write up and IMHO Audi 8V looks great in Phantom Black too!

    Couple of thoughts.

    The mirror is smaller than the 8P but you will soon get used to it!

    Cargo net is standard on S-Line I think!

    Hope your enjoyment continues!
  7. Ashmcblue

    Ashmcblue Active Member

    Beaut! Nice write up.

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