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A3 South Bound

grathies Nov 11, 2007

  1. grathies

    grathies More Points Than Portsmouth FC

    On Saturday at about 1pm'ish...

    Was there some sort of Audi day out or something? Heading back from a mad one in London and just wanting to get home, minding my own business when I get egged on by someone in an A4, dispatched of them quickly

    Few miles down the road and Im greeted by a new RS4 coming up the slipway then trying to sit on my ****. Now I know they will beat my car but Ive got enough power to give it a fair go when rolling on boost go so oblige, I had to slow down and let him pass as I had someone infront of me going slowly

    With this someone in an S8 decideds to try and undertake us both outta no-where and nearly takes out a transit...

    They come off after the next junction and were driving like they were rental cars!

    I know the A3 is a model of Audi but didnt realise it was a private track for Audi's too lol

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