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A3 side Panel Replacement or repair Best Option?

Paul.A3-2.0TDI Jul 12, 2010

  1. Paul.A3-2.0TDI

    Paul.A3-2.0TDI New Member

    Hello guys not having much luck with this audi!!!!

    First someone reverses into the back of me damaging the boot, light and bumper "awaiting repair through insurance"

    My wipers front bearings and one back shock obsorber are failing and oh ye my girlfriends father reversed into the side of my car, major dent into the passenger side panel about 1 foot high and half a foot wide, very nasty, with scratch marks included.

    The colour is Metalic grey.

    We dont know what would be best option as follows:

    1. Repair
    2. Replace
    3. Or go through Insurance, I know this would probably be cheap in short run but I think this will increase my insurance??

    Has someone been in this situation if so could you point me in the right direction and possibly with a rough price on a repair and a price on a replacement panel?

  2. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    something similar happened to me. Audi Approved repair garage wanted to replace the rear wing, and were charging £1350 for the pleasure. in the end i got it for £400 from another Audi Approved garage, but they'd obviously whacked it full of filler and i was never happy with the repair. i do miss my old car, but that was one of the few things that made me glad i'd be swapping for an unmarked example

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