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A3 selling advice

S3 EVIL Nov 7, 2012

  1. S3 EVIL

    S3 EVIL New Member

    Hi all I'm looking on selling my a3 8p1 04 plate but wanted to know the best way I should sell it and how much is it roughly worth option 1 is to put it back to the standard a3 with the big front 8p2 bumper and grill or leave the 8p2 s3 body kit on it and sell it

    here is the details as the car stands now it a 04 plate with the front and rear s3 bumper s3 skirts black front grill 18 inch I think they are the new tts alloys with black blades and chromed tips tinted windows heated cream leathers it has done 128k on the clock with full service mot until end of jan and tax till end of April remapped by r tech in Leicestershire
  2. Turbo jay

    Turbo jay Leather repair specialist

    The best thing to do mate is have a look on eBay and pistonheads ect, for similar cars with spec and mileage to give you an idea how much it's worth.

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