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A3 Sat Nav Updates

huftonr Jan 28, 2013

  1. huftonr

    huftonr New Member

    In the market for a new A3 and want the Nav option (now it's reasonably priced or even free on a Sportback until end of Feb).

    Anyway was wondering about one of the downsides of factory fit Nav, namely the cost of getting the maps updated. Then noticed on the VW Golf VII spec sheet that their Nav comes with 3 years of free updates (consult dealer for more info).

    Anyone know if the same applies to the A3?
  2. Debs

    Debs New Member

    Audi Gloucester seem to think otherwise. Stuck my head in last week to find out about the Nav and was told the maps would likely be six months out of date when fitted and that there would be no updates for the life of the car.

    I kind of wish I'd not specced it now.

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