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A3 Saloon / Sportback - Which suspension?

markae Feb 21, 2014

  1. markae

    markae New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Bit of dilemma to consider. I want to buy an A3 Saloon S-Line (which i think drives very much like the sportback). After reading a whole load of reviews, it's been recommended that I select standard suspension over sport or s-line. The car comes with 18in wheels as standard since it is an s-line.

    Having selected standard suspension I then got into a friend's new A3 sportback which has the sport suspension and really liked it. - but it does have 17in wheels on it because it's the sport edition rather than s-line.

    To make matter worse, I've also got a Seat Leon temporarily (the model just before the latest one) 1.6TDI SE ecomotive which drives great - but the suspension feels stiffer than my Golf SE so I am wondering whether it's simply that the Leon has stiff standard suspension by default.

    So - the big question is - is 18in with standard suspension the right choice or should I be going for sport? or s-line suspension?

    Help much appreciated!!

  2. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group Audi A4 saloon S-line owners group

    It really is a matter of taste as suspension choice is a emotive subject. What is right for one will not be for others but personally I am happy with my choice of the sports suspension on 18" wheels..
  3. jongeddes

    jongeddes Member

    I went for SLine suspension but then Im moving from a Civic Type S so still think it will be softer anyway and I do like a hard ride.
  4. BigD289

    BigD289 Member

    And we went for standard suspension on 18in wheels. I guess you'll have to think what is important to you - comfort or handling? The differences aren't that great between them. Sports is a little firmer and a little lower.

    There has been lots of discussion over suspension/wheel options but I can't remember anyone complaining about their final choice. I'm sure you will be happy with whatever setup you finally go with!
  5. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    SEATs suspension always seems overly firm to me, so I wouldn't use that as a benchmark.

    As Chris says, I don't think you can be advised by others, it depends on your preferences, what your local roads are like, and what you have been used to in the past. One mans gold.....

    Only way to be sure is to locate a car at a dealer then try it as once you've got it the only way to improve the situation if it wasn't right would be a damper change (I do find Audi dampers too firm on the sports models).
  6. markae

    markae New Member

    Do you find the standard reasonably firm and agile? As I said, I really like the Seat Leon SE suspension but I think its quite firm for SE, and certainly firmer than a Golf SE I drove.

  7. ShaunAp

    ShaunAp New Member

    So is it reasonable to assume that going from 17in to 18in with sports suspension will make little difference ?
  8. BelDun67

    BelDun67 New Member

    I have an S-Line saloon with sport suspension and find it strikes the right balance between comfort and
    sure footed handling, it is also pleasing to the eye aesthetically as the 18" wheels fill the arches nicely.
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  9. snakehips

    snakehips Well-Known Member

    My 2 cents is that I found no noticeable degradation in handling with the SE suspension.
  10. Shermo

    Shermo Member

    So the s-line suspension is basically about changing the look and also about making it impossible to take your car anywhere with speed bumps?
  11. cemerson

    cemerson Well-Known Member Team Cosmos quattro Audi A3 S-line owners group TDi DSG

    I have seen many reviews that say that the lowered suspensions make it more uncomfortable without actually improving handling all that much. I have the SE suspension and find it absolutely fine. I think I test drove a car with the sport suspension, but that was 18 months ago now and I can't remember much about it!
  12. bobinder

    bobinder Active Member

    I went for the SE suspension with 18" alloys, yet to receive it but will let you know when I do in May! :)
  13. jbs2472

    jbs2472 Active Member

    Test drove the sport suspension on 17's and 18's and opted for an s-line with std sport suspension, however did enquire with the dealer about the additional lowered suspension as currently have it on my 8P but was informed that all the models he has sold have all regretted the decision and are looking to have them raised back to std sport suspension.

    Can't comment on SE as have always preferred a slightly stiffer set up.
  14. AlB82

    AlB82 Member

    Got to say the S-Line with Sport suspension feels comfortable to me. First day or two I did think it was a little firm but now I've gotten used to it I find it very comfortable. I don't slow much at all for speedbumps so it can't be that bad.
  15. oufc1976

    oufc1976 Member

    Spent weeks deliberating over this and in the absence of a lack of test cars on S-Line suspension, and a preference to have it as low as possible without ruining the ride, I took the only option I could and stuck with standard Sport suspension.

    Now I've placed the order I'm happy with the decision and don't anticipate any issues when I finally get it

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