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A3/S3 Speaker Upgrade - Story so far

imported_maviceuk Jul 23, 2004

  1. No gain control

    thats causing some probs at the mo.

    Had to fade to R8 as the panasonic amps the front too much.

    seems ok now providing I can live with fader on R8 as normal position.

    worth it for the sound improvement though.

    Will keep my eye out for a better amp that will fit behind dash. The Panasonic slots nicely into a space top right behind the glovebox.

  2. neil.c

    neil.c Senior

    I have fitted these alpine amps under the front seats before,bargain now on ebay, but I doubt there is room under the S3 seats or behind the dash best bet would be to fit it in the opposite rear quarter to the sub rear speaker amp.
  3. Too much re-wiring for me from rear panel to front speakers

    I will live with the little pana for now and keep my eye out for a quality minature amp that will fit behind the dash - tall order though.

    cheers anyway

  4. Jim20vt

    Jim20vt New Member

    Well here goes, my first post....

    Well there I was searching the net for any evidence of people upgrading there S3 speaker and amp combinations whilst still using the standard HU when I fall across this rather impressive project! It has made very interesting reading and I sure am glad I have found this forum.

    This might cover a bit of old ground but I just wanted to ask a couple of questions to clear a few things up, hope nobody minds?

    My S3 has the concert HU with 6 Disc Changer and the Bose speakers, now normally this would fine but the system I used to have in my last car was a lot better and I thinking about putting it in my S3. But one thing I am not keen on is using my Rockford Fosgate HU as I think it will look stupid having a chrome look HU sat in my nice black Audi dashboard.

    So my questions are...

    What output is my current concert headunit?
    Does it have RCA outputs I can use to connect to my AMP?
    Does it have Pre-outs?

    Thanks in advance
  5. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    If you have the Bose upgrade then the Concert uses both front & rear pre-outs to drive the Bose 4 channel amp, and the Bose 100w sub. Pre-outs are on a non standard mini-ISO plug so you need an adapter to get standard RCA's. the Concert head unit only has front speaker outputs which are a massive 25w (max) per channel. These aren't used in the Bose setup.
    If adding amps you will need to change the speakers as they are 1. 2 ohm impedance and 2. pathetic. RCA adapter

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