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  1. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    Hi Folks,

    I posted in the classifieds some time ago but didn't really get any response, I've got a load of parts that were off or for my S3 (some A3 generic stuff) included and rather than throw them in the bin or put them on Ebay I thought I'd ask here first in case anyone is in need.

    I managed to write my car off a few weeks ago so there's a few more bits that aren't ever going to be needed now... :3sadwalk:

    I'll post in the classifieds as well / instead if the mod's would rather?

    I'm open to any sensible offers (bearing in mind some of the stuff was destined for the bin) and will post at cost.

    The below is the current list, if I find anything else I think would be of use to anyone I'll post it up:

    • Both pre-facelift rear lights without bulb holders (left with minor crack).
    • Both OEM stock anti roll bars in good condition
    • OEM Fuel Filter (1J0 201 511A) brand new but box knackered.
    • OEM Rear tie bars (surface rust but fine) with powerflex bushes fitted.
    • S3 Steering Rack (1J2 422 105) refurbished by power steering specalists and never used.
    • NS Track Rod - brand new - only needed end.
    • Coil Pack (APY engine) - 06B 905 115E x3 - Used but working last time on the car.
    • Air Mass Meter - 06A 906 461 E - used working fine when removed from car - could probably do with a clean now or use as exchange.
    • A3 quattro front grill badge - 8L0 853 736 2zz - as new, sent by mistake from vagparts.
    • Air vent - 8L0 820 901 (pre facelift) - used but good condition.
    • CD changer cassette - used and a few scratches but does it matter?
    • 17" Avus wheels - will take pics tomorrow but in need of rerfurb.
    • Goodridge S3 rear stainless brake hoses - new in box.

    Pics of most of the list are here: http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y123/bparkes/S3 Parts/?start=all

    PM me if interested in anything.


    PS. Going to miss the S3 a lot, still not sure what to replace it with...
  2. L1 HCS

    L1 HCS Active Member

    This thread will now be closed, you are allowed to put a link in your sig to the classified ad.

    Please re-read the rules you agreed to recently if there are any problems. Thanks

    Link to revised rules : http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/announcement.php?f=145
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