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A3/S3 8L Facelift Tail Lamps, fits 96-03 8L. Message me offers. Breaking whole car!

Lingo89 May 6, 2012

  1. Lingo89

    Lingo89 Member

    Hi everyone, I have for sale my A3/S3 Facelift tail lamps. These are a direct fit for any A3/S3 8L (1996-2003). They can be fitted to the older pre-facelift A3s/S3s without any modifications and make them look like the newer facelift shape or can simply be used to replace a damaged/faulty unit. The lights include all bulbs required as well as both bulb holders. If you are interested in buying these parts please send me a private message with reasonable offers. I will post to anywhere in mainland U.K. at the buyers cost and will accept payment via Paypal.

    I am breaking the whole car (A3 1.8t 5-door) for parts, so if you are interested in any other parts send me a private message through this website and I will get back to you on whether it's sold or not. Thanks for looking!

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