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A3 S-line BE service puzzler

blue10 Jan 16, 2014

  1. blue10

    blue10 Member

    Evening all,

    Collected our new A3 S-line Black Edition last Wednesday, so are still getting used to it. It is approx. 20 months old and has 18,000 miles on the clock and some nice extras (factory fitted sat nav, black roof bars, panorama sun roof, interior light pack and special paint job; deep sea blue - pearl effect).

    The car had its Delivery Inspection at Audi Liverpool and is on the Longlife Service schedule. The dealer we bought the car from (not an Audi main dealer) have stamped the service record to indicate it received its first service at 17,850 miles.

    Judging by our recent annual mileage I think the Inspection Service would be more suitable; (oil change every 12 months or every 9,000 miles) and Inspection every 24 months (or every 19,000 miles). For my own piece of mind I tempted therefore to ask my local Audi main dealer to swap the car to the Inspection Service schedule and to carry out an Inspection now and get them to stamp up a new service schedule. What do you think: would you do the same in these circumstances?


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