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A3 RNS-e Navigation Disc Question

warren_S5 Aug 25, 2011

  1. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User


    I'm currently running a set of 2010 Audi Navigation discs in my RNS-e that I purchased direct from Audi last summer during their £169 special summer sale (god forbid how expensive these things usually are!).

    A mate of mine has asked me to sell him my 2010 discs, but his discs are 2005, so it will look a bit suss if I sell the car with 05 discs in an 07 car.

    If I buy some OEM 2007 discs will they just work, or will I need to do anything with VCDS (reason I ask is that there seemed to be some sort of software update in the 2010 disc when I first installed it, and I don't know if this will now render 2007 discs unuseable).

    Thanks in advance

  2. roman3000

    roman3000 Member

    I think they should just work
    The upgrade is probably for the unit itself and as far as im aware it wont downgrade in software by itself, you will need to mess around with VCDS. The unit should be able to read the map data as usual.
  3. l6rth

    l6rth Member

    If I put new discs In my rnse will the serial number come up and are the last 4 digits the code for it?


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