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A3 Replacement speakers

turbodan Nov 2, 2006

  1. turbodan

    turbodan Member

    My 1999 A3 is in desperate need of new speakers after killing them for the last year with a mix of electronic dirty funky house, basslines & heavy metal!

    Ive upgraded my head unit to a sony XPLOD one and just need to know the sizes of each speaker needed to upgrade.

    I havent got the BOSE sound system just the normal one if that makes any difference.

    Im not too bothered about upgrading the tweeters so if someone could just give me the sizes of the speakers in the front & rear doors then i can go out and buy some new ones (and get someone else to fit em cos im **** at stuff like that!)

    Also what speakers would everyone recommend? im not wanting to spend a fortune (£120 for all 4 speakers) is probably my budget because ive got to pay for someone to fit them too!

    I was thinking of just getting Sony XPLODS to go with the Head unit.

    Cheers - Dan
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Unless your speakers are actually blown then it's a waste of time going aftermarket. It won't improve the sound at all, probably make it worse if you don't replace the tweeters.
    The problem in the A3 is total lack of bass, so the poor cabin speakers get hammered with a job they just can't do. Even if you put £150 components in the front the improvement will be negligable without a sub upgrade first. You'll certainly get a better quality mid-high frequencies but try and squeeze some bass out of them and the sound will deteriorate.
    The fronts are 4" components with a 1" tweeter (you definately need to replace the tweeter), but most people go with 5.25" components. You'll need fitting adapters either way as the OEM units are not a standard fit.
    The rears are 6.5" coaxials.
    Personally I'd save a bit more and spend it on a small sub & amp or stealth sub. this will dramatically improve not only the bass but also the sound from the fronts as they'll no longer be handling any bass.
    If you really want to just replace the speakers in a vain attempt to improve the sound then spend the £120 just on new front components and leave the rears (unless they're blown).

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