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A3 replacement front speakers

shindigger May 1, 2007

  1. shindigger

    shindigger New Member

    Im the proud owner of perhaps the pikiest stereo you can find on a £15k car.
    Namely 2 front door speakers only, linked to a Chorus double din CD player (nonMP3). Thats right its a non MP3 stereo in 2007.
    Audi assures me this is an upgrade, quite what was on offer before beggars belief.

    Im thinking of upgrading to a Sony Bluetooth Stereo. If i do i'll need some new front speakers to at least do some justice to the new HU.

    What are good relacement units for A3 front doors? I will want to put the car back to standard as its on contract hire.
    Its gonna be a long 2 years methinks.
  2. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    It will play mp3 cds if its a 2007 car and show track info on the radio.

    Many audio places I have visited hum and ha about the door speakers as they seem to be custom fit and until someone makes some custom Audi fit speakers then none will fit to the doors perfect.
  3. shindigger

    shindigger New Member

    I promise you it does not play MP3 files. Ive authored 2 discs, tried them both in 2 other players to check and they work fine. They do not play in my 2007 Audi Chorus head unit.
    Thanks for the heads up on the speakers.
    This car is a POS.
  4. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    for the speakers
    i would look for either rainbow , focal or hertz
    there about the cream of the crop at the moment (especially the baby rainbows)
    youll probably have to make some suitable mdf rings to mount them to the door and even if someone is making them then they will sound better made from wood not plastic

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