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A3 Quattro - sports differential

Daz Auto Aug 2, 2013

  1. Daz Auto

    Daz Auto Active Member

    quattro® with sport differential > Glossary > advice > Audi Worldwide

    Does anyone know if Audi's version of torque vectoring, called sports differential, will become available on the A3/S3. Or are they keeping it for their higher end models? I don't see it as an option on the S3 configurator. It is on the more powerful A4/A5 and the S4/S5 - under Equipment > Safety & Technology > Suspension Inovation - only a £620 option.

    For anyone who has not heard of this: a torque vectoring differential will allow vairing amounts of power to be delivered to the rear wheels. This is supposed to reduce understeer even further in 4WD cars. Basically, in a corner the outside rear wheel will get more power and in effect help steer the car round a corner.
  2. RRB

    RRB Member Team Navarra Team Estoril Team V6 Audi S4 Audi S3

    Won't happen Daz. The Quattro in the S3 is a Haldex system rather than a Torsen unit. Torque vectoring will only work with the Torsen style system. That said I don't think it's a matter of keeping it for higher end models. The Haldex set up works with a transverse engine, so is better for shorter wheelbase platforms that aren't 50% engine bay :)
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  3. Daz Auto

    Daz Auto Active Member

    Thanks RRB.

    I do wonder how bad the understeer could be on a smallish 4WD car?

    Anyone noticed understeer on their A3 Quattro?

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