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A3 Quattro Jerky clutch???

Craigybaby37_A3quattro Feb 11, 2007

  1. Hi there people ime new to the site and may i forsty say how great it looks with so many people full of knowledge so i come to you with my first problem for you to help me solve??

    Got a 1999 A3 1.8 TQ with 70k on the clock. Shorty after buying the car it started to develope problems with not getting smooth gear changes.The problem is worse when changing through gears 1 2 and 3 and when you let off the clutch it realy throws the car back an forth a few times and then settles and also when changing it can feel like whole drive system makes a loud fud kinda sound as if the drive system is stopping dead. i have since replaced the mount on top of ther gearbox with no luck and after that replaced the gearbox mount on the bottom of the gearbox with still so luck. Have spoke to a few people who have said a common problem that can cause this is the master or slave cylinder in the clutch that can leak hydro fluid causing the clutch to not compress/decompress smoothly??

    Hope someone out there has experienced this problem and can help me cure it??

    thanks a lot guys keep up the good work with the site.
  2. come on people someone out there must be able to shead a little light onto the subject???
  3. dantheman1986

    dantheman1986 Member

    i somtimes get the jerkyness from my a3 tqs i put it doen to an engine problem as when it does this it seems to idle at higer reves than it should

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