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A3 quattro arb clarification

sprushty Feb 1, 2013

  1. sprushty

    sprushty TQS Collective

    Hello all, quick question about arb's on the quattro pre facelift. Most of the info i have read talks about either the s3 or fwd a3, from
    what i gather, the quattro has a thicker front arb than the s3, 21mm vs 19mm. Are the back ones thicker too? Does the r32 arb mod still apply? I dont want the car to be twitchy as some s3 drivers say it becomes with 19 and 19 after the r32 arb, whats the best setup for balanced to slightly over steer handling, the way it should be? I plan on lowering so what arbs wud be needed to clear the drive shafts and is that front and back that needs doing? I cant find any accurate info for the quattro hence all the questions, cheers
  2. Reesy

    Reesy Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    A3 quattro rear arb is the same as the s3 (16mm)
    As far as I aware the fronts are also the same..
    R32 upgrade was a noticeable difference on my a3 quattro.

    The 2WD's need arbs changing when they lower them, 4wd are fine.

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