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A3 problems with ABS

leecool Jul 26, 2012

  1. leecool

    leecool Member

    Hi guys, posted here just a few days ago about my car changing gears eratically & then shut one day it shut down. Had an Audi tech run a diagnosis & he couldn't communicate with the DSG outside my pad.
    I contacted Audi uk bout all the faults I was geting & how p****d I was with the Audi brand & the customer service. Long story short I got hoodwinked into taking my car to the stealers buy the geezer from audi saying they'lle investigate all of this.
    wrong, what he meant really is that audi would run a diagnostic, lying b******s.
    Anyway, then did that & came back to me saying that Fuses were in incorrect places, hows this possible I've been driving around in it for 18 months. Since they got the car running, they are now saying that they can't communicate with the ABS.
    :wtf: can anyone shed some light on this? when my Audi aquaintence ran a diag outside my house it came up with intermittent fault on ABS sensor. Why can't Audi get the same fault?
    I am a he man Audi hater at the mo! :mad: GRRRRRRRRRRR!
    I'm desperate, got no car!

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