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A3 Performance and Cost

Fergus Apr 11, 2004

  1. Fergus

    Fergus New Member

    I am just about to purchase my first Audi (A3 1.8 T) and am obviously very excited about it. Not sure what the performance stats are + whether or not I'm getting a good deal so need some expert advice (hence me being on the forum!). The car is a 1998 Black 3 door 1.8 T (61,000 miles) and looks to be in very good condition. I know that the car was purchased from an Audi dealer 2 years ago for 9K and had 35,000 on the clock. I think that I should be pushing for about 6.5k? what do the experts think?

    answers on a postcard!

    + what are the performance stats for this car?

  2. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Hi Fergus

    Don't know about the prices but the performance stats, according to an Audi Driver Magazine test in September 2000 are as follows:
    0-60mph 7.7secs
    top speed 128 mph
    50-70mph (3rd)4.7 secs
    50-70mph (4th)6.0 secs
    50-70mph (5th)7.7 secs

    overall mpg-31.0

    I am currently driving my 4th A3 1.8T. In my opinion it's an excellent car.

    Dave R

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