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A3 pedal placement

Ilan Apr 8, 2012

  1. Ilan

    Ilan New Member

    Hello, I see that there are many actual owners here, so I would be interested in knowing your opinion of the A3, S3, RS3 with DSG pedal position. I went to the Geneva Auto Show last month and sat in the A3 and RS3 and I really didn't like the pedal position, the accelerator was way over on the right with almost no clearance to the centre console. That seems annoying as it forces your right leg into a single position cramped into the console. Even worse was the brake pedal which is also on the right very close to the accelerator. That was a problem for a number of reasons: 1. I'm used to driving automatics with both feet, 2. There isn't much space between the pedals and it seemed to me that if I had heavy Winter boots it might be difficult to be precise in shifting from one to the other. 3. It seemed that the brake pedal was higher off the floor so covering the brake would mean awkwardly hovering a foot in the air.

    I don't quite understand this, as all the A4, S4, RS4, S5, etc. models there had standard pedals, the brake pedal being much larger than in the A3 and much more in the centre.

    Well, I think I understand this, Mr. Audi is telling you: "You vill not drive viz two feet!" I asked this to an Audi rep and he agreed but laughed when I mentioned that Go Karting, the school of race car driving, forces you to do this.

    Have people here also found this an annoying feature? For me, it seems to be a deal breaker on an otherwise very nice car, also, I don't like being told how to drive :). Are there aftermarket pedals that fix this?

    Sorry if this has already been discussed to death here, but I didn't find anything obvious using "Search."



    P.S. I actually liked this car the most: [​IMG]

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