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A3 overboosting

keets Dec 23, 2005

  1. keets

    keets New Member

    I have A3 TDI. Ive had a problem over the last few weeks, the car overboosts and then turns itself into 'get home' mode. Ive had a guy come out and plug it in. He's saying that the car is overboosting if you turn the car off and on it cures the problem, hes says the turbo is working fine just somethings telling the car to overboost, hes told me the only fix he knows off is a new turbo?????
  2. S3Steve

    S3Steve Active Member

    Unlikely to be the turbo! I have a friend with the same problem on a remapped Ibiza TDi, Jabba have told him it is likely being caused by a sensor.
  3. neilclarke

    neilclarke New Member

    I am having the same problem!! with my TDi its the 130 sport.

    i have replaced the turbo boost solanoide (N75), but it made no difference!

    The car has now gone back to the garage, they did say the same that it may require a new turbo.

    any more advice?
  4. leemclaughlan

    leemclaughlan New Member

    In my experince i would say its more of a fuel problem, had this trouble before, fitted a (FCD) fuel cut defender, and it sorted out the problem. But if i was you i would get a fault code reading from the ECU just to be on the safe side. cost me £150...

    hope this helps..
  5. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    I'm afriad that it can be the turbo if yours is of the variable vane type. The vanes can get sooted up and get the mech gets stiff causing overboost issues.
    You can clean them out, but for some reason many garages just fit a new one as they often don't want to get into disassembling the turbo.

    Check this page which explains the setup --> http://www.technologie-entwicklung.de/Gasturbines/VNT15-Turbo/body_vnt15-turbo.html

    Obviously first check the MAF is okay before getting mor involved.
  6. Lo x

    Lo x New Member

    Audi A3 2.0 TDi,
    Hi all, new to the site.

    I have exactly the same problem, limp mode, no acceleration, works if you switch the engine off and on but only for a little while etc.

    I have just had a full diagnostic at Amersham Audi, faults detected are:
    fault code P0234 (charge air pressure control limit surpassed, short time fault)

    P1950 (radiator fan-V& not moving freely/blocked)
    P1951 (radiator fan -V177 not moving freely blocked).
    00003 Dash panel insert (control unit defective)
    10 faults detected on the electrical system, all to do with sporadic electrical fault in circuit (I have replaced 2 rear offside brake light bulbs in 4 years)

    They have quoted me £2000 for a replacement Turbo! Do you think this is the problem or are the dealerships trying it on? I have read on this site that alot of people have had similar problems. Should a turbo go after 4 years? Also, I do alot of motor way driving so it gets a good run all the time but I don't spank it!

    Has anyone had a reconditioned turbo fitted or can recommend anyone in the Watford/Hertfordshire area?

    Thanks alot!

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