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  1. poz1.8t

    poz1.8t Member

    Hey all. Got my hands on a s3 spoiler which is now on the car with good old tiger seal, waiting to cure. So far looks much more aggressive! Happy man! Lol. Any way I've got a few more little tweaks to the outside I want to do and just needed some advice really.

    i want to remove the rear wiper as I never really need to use it. Does anyone know what size grommet will fit the hole??

    Also mine is a per face lift which I now have a set of face lift headlights ready to be fitted on Sunday. Now my question is, I want to put the face lift fog lights in. But my lower bumper section looks like to one big mould where as from what I can see, the facelift comes in a few pieces? I haven't really had an opportunity to look at a facelift. Plus people might think I'm a thief looking at there cars constantly lol. Any help shed would be great!

    Thanks all
  2. jay1601

    jay1601 Well-Known Member


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