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A3 major or interim service?

sting3rr Mar 9, 2013

  1. sting3rr

    sting3rr Member

    Hi, my 58 plate a3 1.8t is telling me it needs a service in 2 days or 3000 miles. Went to book it in with audi and apparently it will cost £309 i was expecting it to be £159. How do you tell which service it actually needs, and what does the major give you for double the price? According to the website they change the spark plugs and thats it. I think it has only covered about 10000 miles since the last service which the previous owner had done at about 45000, so surely it only needs an interim service? Do the dealers even know which it's due or do they just quote the most expensive?
  2. miw615

    miw615 Member

    I was quoted a similar price from Audi and went to an independant - £145.00 inc plus a free loan car! - no contest
  3. Audi Steve

    Audi Steve Member

    When was the last bfs? Due to age should have had one in 2011 and the next this year so could just be that as it's a 2007 my onwards car
  4. crunchie

    crunchie Active Member

    You'll be needing the timing belt & water pump later in the year/early next year depending on when it was registered.
    Bloody rip off the brake fluid change! Every 2 years, wtf?!
  5. Walts2782

    Walts2782 Active Member

    I don't know if it will help but I had a major service at Hull Audi recently. I got a couple of independent Audi specialist prices that were local and also what was included in there services. I contacted Hull and explained the difference and bazzinga £60 off the price quoted.

    Can't promise it'll work but its worth a try, all depends on what the stamp in the books worth from Audi as much as anything in my opinion.
  6. Audi Steve

    Audi Steve Member

    Bfs is every 2 years because its a hydroscopic fluid, water boils at 100, this leads to spongey pedal when driven hard, only reason it is 3 from factory is because of the way it is stored at dealer compared to stored at factory

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