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A3 issues already with management light

1animal1 Apr 26, 2010

  1. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    ok, the misus came back after a 40 minute drive at the weekend with the management light on, shes pretty **** describing things but what i got out of her was that the light just came on whilst idling and after that it juddered at around 30-40mph - as in juddered through the pedals and steering wheel

    Anyway, i vagged it and it came up with intermittent low MAF reading, intermittent open circuit something-orother on bank 2, and 02 sensor issue which could mean exhaust leakage pre or post CAT, or indeed a CAT fault

    so i logged the MAF reading which i got up to 108gm (thinks its GM?) from a standing start to 80mph - first time ive logged anything so wasn't entirely able to digest the info given. - this test was carried out after i had cleared the faults which removed the management light and caused no issues? i have since took it out for 2 thrashings to force it back on but nothing as of yet.

    First thing im going to do is get some new sparks in, if it comes up again i'll borrow the neighbours spare MAF, then after that who knows

    worth mentioning the new 2.5" downpipe is mated to the original exhaust which could be causing back pressure perhaps? i dunno.... but also i had a fitting mocked up to reduce the new downpipe to the OEM exhaust which could maybe be leaking (but then you'd hacve expected it to come on again)

    If you have got this far, thanks for reading my essay - any additional help would be welcomed.


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