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A3 IPOD Interface to OEM Unit - Bose & Bluetooth

Farhan Oct 2, 2012

  1. Farhan

    Farhan Active Member

    Hi All,

    I recently fitted an ipod interface as my concert stereo started to play up and skip CDs. I dont plan on changing the unit unless i really need to. I bought the Ipod interface which is the following kit


    My quad lock connector at the back of my concert looks as follows


    In order to fit the white connector to the quad lock i had to remove the blue connector as shown above. The ipod works ok along with my other features like bluetooth/radio etc. However im noticing quite bad signal noise when im using bluetooth. I have also noticed a reduction in sound. Is the blue connector linked to the bose equaliser?

    Would someone be able to advise if i need to re-pin the connector? If so which tool would i need to do this task.

    Any help is appreciated
  2. Ash187

    Ash187 Audi-Retrofits.co.uk Site Sponsor VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A5

    Hi mate, I know you don't have an RNSE but this looks very similar to your issue:
    i think the Bose pin is on the blue connector so you would probably wan to Repin the connector. Compare the 2 connectors (white and blue) and see if you have the pins free on the blue connector where the iPod dock goes into on the white one... If they are free then just transfer over the pins to the blue one and it should be fine.
    As for repinning a precision screwdriver is all you need
  3. Farhan

    Farhan Active Member

    Thanks ash, very helpful as always.

    Gave this a quick go today and i managed to switch the pins over from the old connector. I moved in total 3 if i remember correctly. The yellow wire on the original blue connector was taken up but a larger red wire on the new harness (connects2) I left that one alone. The other 3 wires were moved to the same location on the new connector as they were free on the new connector.

    Bose is now working as it was before and i have no idea what the other two wires did but i can confirm everything seems to be working as it should be.

    I still need to find a more suitable ground but i will tackle that on the weekend now, I also managed to use a paper clip to undo the pins in the connector. Firstly i removed the blue sleeve on the connector which shows the prongs which hold the pins in. i pushed down on the prongs and slipped the wires out (Quick tip if anyone wants to do the same, I managed to make do with a paperclip instead of a precision screw driver)
  4. rory21388

    rory21388 Member

    Do you have a link for the kit? I tried the ones above but they didnt work. Did you have a changer before? My quadlock has the green connector but I dont have a changer.

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