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  1. Crashlanding

    Crashlanding Member


    a few questions about my first Audi!

    its a 1998 A3 1.6i, i think the air flow meter is either sticking or on its way out. when idling it seems to fluctuate between 1000 rpm and 900 sort of bouncing effect. whilst the engine is running i have tapped onto the airflow meter and the filter box and the revs have steddied up and stayed at a constant for a few seconds before starting again. when driving, if i floor it (so to speak!) it feels like either not enough or too much air is getting to the engine or even if its misfireing. when accelerating onto the motorway in 3rd or 4th off a slip road, seems to be a lack of power then it will kick in then drop then kick in again. at a constant speed its fine to some extent.

    i was also thinking of spark plugs? coudl this heklp along with an air filter?

    i also thinkt ehre my be a hole in the exhaust. lack of power due to not anough back pressure?

    coudl someone help me top either diagnose, fix or get a an estimated cost for this to be put right.

    thanks for your help

  2. audi5e

    audi5e Member

    Check all the inlet air hoses and clamps. If any of these are broken, split or loose, then you will get extra unmetered air entering the engine and messing up the mixture. Basically these are all air hoses and pipes between the air filter and the inlet manifold (include checking the manifold itself, gaskets can also cause extra air to enter the engine), If there is a crankcase breather pipe make sure that is also connected and sealing properly. You might find when you knock the air filter you are inadvertently sealing a leak...

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