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a3 headlight bulbs info req.

skanky Aug 27, 2006

  1. skanky

    skanky Member

    im considering getting some osram silver stars to replace my sidelights, dipped beam and full beam on my 1999 A3 t sport. i started with the manual and i get this info:
    dipped - H7
    main with fog - H1
    main without fog - H7

    given that information i should be after two pairs of h7 because i dont have fog lights on my car? but when i goto powerbulbs and put the info for my car in, i get:
    Fog - H4
    Low Beam - H7
    High Beam - H1

    based on that i should be after h7/h1?

    then i had a quick look under the bonnet and the high beam seems to be H4 but, i dont have fog lights!?! (didnt manage to check the side/main lights)

    what do i get as im very confused now..

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