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A3 fsi se 2004 clutch vibration help needed

Jakal2001 Sep 22, 2010

  1. Jakal2001

    Jakal2001 New Member

    Hi guys
    This is my first post

    Ive just bought a used a3 from a dealer 2 days back
    Its 2.0 fsi se, 2004 model, had two previous owners and 76,000 miles on the clock..

    When i took it for a test drive it drove blissfully

    However this is my first audi so have little knowledge of them

    Today i noticed when accelerating the clutch pedal vibrates quite abit its much like a mobile phone vibration, when in neutral its fine

    Am i being paranoid or is there a common issue?

    Also another minor concern, while im here is that iv stalled the car a few times and doesnt start up unless i take the key out of the ignition, remotely locl then unlock it- at which point it starts, this happened at the dealership and the salesman said its the immobiliser kickin in?

    Any help is greatly appreciated..

    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010

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