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A3 Facelift Problems

Dalj Aug 27, 2014

  1. Dalj

    Dalj New Member

    Hi, new to this forum i was need of some help asap.

    I have facelifted my 2004 A3 to the newer model with no idea what was going to be involved. I have changed the front bumper, bonnet, wings, xenon drl's(i haven't installed the auto level or washer jets), back bumper, back lights, inside interior(s line half leather), steering wheel and door mirrors(haven't changed them yet). Need to get some alloys as well as i'm not keeping the ones on the car.

    IMG_5053.JPG IMG_5054.JPG

    I was given the kufatec xenon adapters by my friend with no fitting instructions, i need to know where the one yellow wire on each side (which comes out each adapter) goes to, only the headlights come on at the moment.

    I got the fog light adapters from kufatec which plugged in straight away and worked

    I have also installed the s line flat bottom steering wheel (which still needs wiring up) and the door wing mirrors with indicators in which will also need wiring up.

    I need someone with vagcom to programme everything to car, as lights are showing up on dash. I'm located in Wolverhampton if anyone could help.
  2. ItsAllGood

    ItsAllGood Member

  3. Lewbo

    Lewbo Well-Known Member

    Hi welcome to the forum, nice upgrades you have done there.
    1st I wouldn't really use kufatec adapters as they can be wired wrong, anyhow the yellow wires are for the xenon shutters that need running into the drivers side footwell into the central electrics module.

    Seen as your a3 is 04 your current module won't support the bi-Xenons, so you will need change this to at least an F module which was the first to support them. The module will Then would need coding to the features of your car.

    Once this is done the yellow shutter wires need pining into the correct postion on there. Then once coded all will work fine.

    To get buttons all working on new steering wheel you will need a new steering ecu and slip Ring and new airbag harness unless it came with the wheel and airbag.

    So you will need correct modules before anything can be coded, if you need someone to this I can do it for you and supply the relevant parts just pm me.
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  4. Dalj

    Dalj New Member

    Hi no idea how to pm, how much was I looking to get that done from you

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