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A3 facelift parts for sale

M88JCP Sep 19, 2010

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  1. M88JCP

    M88JCP Member

    Hi everyone

    Its now happened, I have sold my A3 and bought an A4.
    Before I sold the car, I took a few of the facelift parts off which I fitted and they now for sale. I thought only best to offer them to everyone before I listed elsewhere. I have:

    -A mint set of LED style rear lights
    -The facelift light switch with DRL function and height adjust etc, but does not have the home coming switch
    -A facelift climate control unit with heated seat function. This has been converted, so has the facelift facia but has the pre facelift internals so works with cars with the pre 07 wiring. Everything on the unit works great and I had it in my car for months without any issues. The unit look's completely OEM once fitted, BUT due to the issues with the new and old units, the auto function on indication LED does not come through, however the auto function works perfectly and all the other LED's and background lights work.
    -A set of Bose speak grills
    -An S-Line steering wheel with the DSG paddles, but without the additional switches.
    -RNS-e release keys and the additional adaptors.
    -Pre facelift Hazard switch, card holder and additional swiches.

    I want about £150 for the lights inc postage anywhere in the U.K, but I am open to offers on everything if you P.M me, as there maybe something which is of interest to you.

    Any questions please ask

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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