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A3 DIS service mileage problem

billymct Jun 24, 2008

  1. billymct

    billymct New Member

    Hi - I have a 2007 tdi Sportback 140 and it has recently been to dealer for its first service - they reset the oil change reminder thing on the DIS but not the service one. They also damaged an alloy wheel so I have had them pick the car up and fix that, and I asked them to reset the service mileage but it came back saying 4400 miles until next service - is this right? Surely not as I had it serviced at 18500 miles so wouldn't be expecting a service until about 30k miles. I'm getting fed up taking it to the dealer now - is there a way of resetting the indicator myself?


  2. MarcQuinlivan

    MarcQuinlivan Active Member

    Pulling out on the mileage reset knob for about 10 seconds will reset the service interval, but it will set it to fixed service intervals - i.e. 1 year\12000 miles. If the dealer put you on a variable service interval then it won't be accurate.

    You can also reset it using VAG-COM (or VCDS as it is now known), but i'm not sure if that puts it onto the variable service interval.

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