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johna3quattro Jul 10, 2007

  1. johna3quattro

    johna3quattro New Member


    I hope you can help I would like to gain more power out of my a3 quattro sport diesel130
    I have read alot about chipping? Re-mapping? Custom Chip?
    Could some one please explain the difference?
    What is the best I dont want to ruin my engine and I dont want to loose to much MPG!
    Also can you please advise the extra bhp I would get
    Many thanks for taking the time to reply :icon_thumright:
  2. Quattro_Lew

    Quattro_Lew All Torque

    hi mate,

    with you having a new car the best option for you would be certainly a remap, chipping is old technology in that they take out your ECU remove its current chip and solder on a new "generic" chip which is ok for older cars that dont have any extra mods as the chip isnt set up to take these into account

    remapping is where the plug a laptop into the OBD port and upload a map by flashing it onto the ECU to override the standard map, undetectable by any means aside a rolling road so its up to you to tell insurance or not

    custom chipping is for when you have mods on the car which a generic remap doesnt factor in such as an air filter, exhaust, bigger turbo / injectors you name it it all has to programmed into the ECU for it all to function properly, unless you have other mods planned go for the remap.

    youll probably see 40-50 BHP gains on a turbo diesel and a large increase in torque!

    hope this helps

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