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A3 DAB radio and RNSE

A-k Oct 2, 2011

  1. A-k

    A-k Member

    Hey folks

    Got a question regards to audio stuff had a search but couldn't really find anything,

    Anyway I've got a 61 plate a3 black edition I took the sound package which I think uprated the Bose speakers further iPod connection and symphony ii radio.... I am positive I searched in the extras when ordering but didn't see a DAB radio option is this true or have I not looked in the right place.

    I am goin to buy the RNSE some point soon as I am pretty disappointed with the iPod connection it's absolute pants should have one my research, how does the RNSE and ami fair for iPod connectivity and usage any pics of how you control the iPod etc does the AMI support iPhones iPads. Can I retrofit a rab radio receiver etc


  2. andykn

    andykn Member

    I don't think there is a DAB option for the A3. It only has AMI (Audi Music Interface) not the MMI (Multimedia Music Interface?) that the A4 and larger models have that you can get a DAB radio for.

    I've not seen any option for DAB with an RNSE unless it has an AUX-In socket like the Symphony you can plug an external unit like a Pure DAB into.

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