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A3 Cruise Contol Retrofit

MarcQuinlivan Jun 14, 2008

  1. MarcQuinlivan

    MarcQuinlivan Active Member

    Some of you chaps have retrofitted cruise contol into your A3s. Do you know what I need to order?

    ETKA lists the stalk as 8P0 953 513 D 9B9 - "switch for turn signal, main and dipped beam, flasher switch for lights, parking light, cruise control system" - and 8P0 953 512 A 6PS - "trim, lower part for models with cruise control system".

    There is obviously some VAGCOM coding required too, but is there anything else?

    I fitted cruise control into my brother's GTI last week and when I was ordering the bits from VAGParts they had to check his chassis number to see if his steering wheel ECU was compatible. Does the same apply to the A3?

    Do you know what the cost of those parts was?

    I have to install it into a friend's A3 so I want to make sure I have all the info before agreeing to do it.
  2. boggym

    boggym Member

    I managed to do mine with just the Cruise stalk - 8PO 953 513B-9B9 - from vag parts, at just £39.09 + vat. I'd fitted cruise to my last A3 and that time I bought the lower trim for the steering column as well. It's exactly the same trim with just an extra bit cut away for the cruise stalk so this time I just cut it out. Looks the same. However, if you want to do it properly, I think the lower trim was only about £17.

    If you have a multi-function steering wheel its just a straight swap but without, I think you need a new steering wheel ECU. then just programming with vagcom.
  3. MarcQuinlivan

    MarcQuinlivan Active Member

    Yeah, she doesn't have the MFSW. I might give VAGParts a bell next week with the chassis number.

    I think for the sake of 20 quid it is worth buying the lower trim to have everything right. If it was my own car I might be tempted to attack it with the dremel, but since it is not it is best to do it right.

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