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A3 convertible window problem

Monkeyboy0765 May 22, 2012

  1. Monkeyboy0765

    Monkeyboy0765 New Member

    I have a 58 a3 convertible and the rear o/s window won't work which stops the roof from opening I've checked the motor which works I've changed the switch block on the drivers door is there a control unit somewhere or have the windows got there own relays checked all fuses etc all ok and the other windows work fine please help if you can
  2. SootyTDI

    SootyTDI Member

    The driver’s door controller won’t help you as there are four ‘door’ controllers in an A3 cab, the rear ones are only coded to control the windows.

    If you know somebody with a vagcom I’d get the car scanned for fault codes. Never had the need to open up the rear panelling so don’t know exactly where the rear controllers are located.

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