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A3 Concert II to RNS-E

ctek Mar 15, 2011

  1. ctek

    ctek Member


    I am due to pick up my A3 Black Edition in the next two weeks. (I think) it comes with a double din Concert II CD/radio and Bose

    Is this a straight forward upgrade of RNS-E + Antenna + recode or are additional cables needed

    Can I do this myself (apart from the recode) - My last A3 had a single din to RNS-E conversion and I used to take that out occasionally to clean the laser head.


  2. bdavbdav

    bdavbdav Member

    Basic Steps:

    1) Switch relevant cables around at back - Bose pins, and aux pins if you get the 32pin connector for them.
    2) Code your cluster / central gateway for RNS-E (can do the rest, and have a 90% working system without this - just no cluster displays and errors on the gateway)
    3) Antenna amplifiers in trunk - some don't bother with this - I haven't yet but should really.

    As I say, 90% working system with very little effort. Just the coding (if you don't have the VCDS) and the antenna amp that require any real effort.
  3. ctek

    ctek Member

    Many thanks for the reply - I have read so many threads about this that my head is spinning.

    So the Concert II+ will come with the right connector to connect to the RNS-E - I don't need an adapter cable, I just need to swap the bose pin around (I have found some threads on this and it, sort of, looks easy enough).

    What is the aux pin and 32 pin connector for?

    I have just bought an RNS-E mk2 off ebay - presumably that doesn't make any difference?

    I will leave the antenna amp for now - its a lease car so dont want to do too much too it. I had sat nav though in my previous A3 (which got nicked a couple of weeks ago) and really cant live without it and it can always be switched back later

    So if all goes well I just need to find a friendly soul who can do the VCDS reprogramme

    Once again, many thanks for the help - I am trying to avoid making any costly mistakes so any help / advice is very welcome

  4. bdavbdav

    bdavbdav Member

    When you say RNS-E MK2, is that the one with the shiny or matte screen bezel?

    Yep Concert II+ is exactly the same connector, and almost exactly the same pinout.

    Aux Pin - do you have the aux connector next to handbrake / 12V socket, and do you want to use it? If so, you need to pop another couple of pins out of the connector block, and get another housing from Audi - not essential though if you can live without the AUX.

    If you struggle to find someone who can help you with the VCDS, most Audi independent specialists will rent you the use of theirs (probably with a person to push the buttons) - I think I ended up paying £25 for someone to make the changes for me. I'd put the RNS-E in first and check all is working before going to get VCDS done - the only thing it will do is log a couple of faults on the CAN gateway saying "Nav isn't meant to be here", which can be cleared by whoever is doing the coding anyway.
  5. Phradge

    Phradge New Member

    Hi ,
    I have just decided to link up my Aux socket to my RNSE, I have the 32 pin plug but I dont know which wires go where anyone help me out.
    Pin 6 Aux NF Right
    Pin 21 Gnd
    Pin 22 Aux NF Left
    I think the three wires to connect are Green Yellow and possibly Pink

  6. jb0o

    jb0o North East Forum Moderator Regional Rep Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Trial and error mate. Cables are easy to get out when plugged in using a precision flathead screwdriver.
  7. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Yellow 21
    Green 22
    Grey 6

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