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A3 Cabriolet

royjk May 16, 2008

  1. royjk

    royjk Member

    Had a A3 Cabriolet for half day test drive yesterday 2.0 TFSI with Stronic.
    BLOODY FANTASIC. Can't wait to take delivery of my Cabrio S Line.:hubbahubba:
  2. ugly_bloke

    ugly_bloke New Member

    I too took one for a test. Was pleasantly surprised - the 2.0 TFSI was very smooth and quiet - I was expecting it to be a bit rough compared to my 3.2 V6. Build quality was fantastic and looks much better in the flesh. My only concern was the front wheel drive struggled a bit on quick starts and powering out of a roundabout which my current Quattro is wonderful at. If they did the cab in Quattro, I'd order today with cash!

    I wonder if they will do one? The cab had a transmission tunnel going through the back so maybe that’s a clue....

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