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A3 braking/abs light problems any advice please?

craigd Feb 2, 2010

  1. craigd

    craigd New Member


    I have had my car parked up for about six months in the garage, i have now decided to put it back on the road and have found two problems with it one being the (abs) light is staying on after starting it, then when i took it for a drive i found the brakes were hardly working and felt very weak, any advice on what i need to do to put this right would be a great help

    many thanks craig
  2. A3Gloss

    A3Gloss New Member

    when you took it for a drive did you use the brakes alot? and did they get better the more you used them? i would take it up the road and build up some speed and keep applying the brakes just to clean the discs up! if they still dont get any better then wheels off to see why! might not be alot of meat on the pads or could have a sticking caliper? back ones go for england! so might be worth looking before a road test! as for the light, vagcom if u have it or a trip to a garage which can scan it! you need to know what it thinks is wrong! if you have a sticking caliper it may think that wheel is going slower so put a wheel speed fault up!
    hope some of that info helps

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