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A3 bose system

GSingh Aug 4, 2009

  1. GSingh

    GSingh GSingh

    Hiya there i have just bought my new A3 which has the bose sound system, however i am wanting slightly higher lower pitched bass but do not want to fit a large subwoofer in the boot of the car. I was thinkin off placing underseat subwoofers or can i add small subwoofers in the parcel shelf

    any ideas or suggestions??
  2. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer


    erm... not sure what you're after here??

    the "higher lower" has me confused: I assume you mean you are wanting "higher" (more) volume and then "lower pitched" (lower frequency response)?

    under-seat subs are notoriously poor at this normally (most mid-range door speakers offer better low frequency response than those).... admittedly 6yrs ago, but I had a couple of those Blaupunkt under-seat ones... and the 17cm Pioneer component easilly out performed them... and the "subs" jsut sounded "fluffy"... Pioneers went louder, handled much lower frequencies and still sounded pretty crisp!

    There might be some like-for like swaps for the existing sub speaker, where you can get a sub that will handle more volume and/or lower frequencies, but these are usually very closely associated to the diameter of the speaker.... and a wider speaker normally means a bigger box.... plus the BOSE one might be small, but I can;t see it being particularly poor quality, so you're probably gonan have to pay a LOT if you want to significantly better it....

    I'm not sure on the spec of the A3 Bose amp though.... maybe you just need a separate bass-dedicated amp and like-for-like (size-wise) swap on the speaker to get more performance... but that's assuming that the Bose amp is well known for not handling low-end stuff welll... need an A3 Bose owner to confirm that for you....

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