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A3 Boot Not shutting.

Jonathaan Dec 18, 2012

  1. Jonathaan

    Jonathaan Quattro

    Basically boot stopped closing...

    Taken boot liner off and found that there is the actuator thing seen in picture below which is supposed to shuttle across.

    This is not working and i have tested it and it is receiving the voltage when the key is pressed.

    How can this have just stopped working like that? it was working this morning and now it appears to have just seized :S

    Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance..

  2. MTRL

    MTRL Split Grill!

    I have a spare taken from a 2008. Have everything from a tailgate that I brought for the spolier and then dismantled.
    PM me if you need any parts. But hopefully somebody can shed some light......
  3. Jonathaan

    Jonathaan Quattro


    thanks for letting me know pal - i am going to test the actuator on my friends A3 tomorow and if it doesn't work on his i will be sure to send you a PM. :icon_thumright:

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